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Yo! Welcome to my blog. The name's Jess, I'm 18 and from the UK. This was supposed to be a personal blog but it's pretty much just includes video games since that's all my life actually is.

I will also occassionally post anime content or stuff that isn't related to video games. This will be tagged as "not gaming". Also, feel free to message me anytime ^-^

"This game requires a certain level of tactical cunning…”


Blake Belladonna in RWBY Volume 2 Chapter 2

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Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMIX HD


http://ilse--langner.tumblr.com/post/93230352645/isayama-i-wonder-what-the-fandom-would-want-to ilse--langner
  • Isayama: I wonder what the fandom would want to see in the latest manga chapter
  • SNK Fandom: Tell us what happened to Marco
  • SNK Fandom: Actually fight titans
  • SNK Fandom: Find out what's in Eren's basement
  • SNK Fandom: Fill in some plot holes and explain some things
  • Isayama: Ah, okay I'll kill off some more characters and get Eren kidnapped again :)
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One of the strangest reasons I’ve ever failed a mission.

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